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Welcome to our nursery!


A Little About Us

At Key Largo Montessori Ltd we pride ourselves in understanding that each child learns and develops through their own capabilities and boundaries, therefore it is of utmost importance as teachers we respect every individuals learning path and assist them to become independent thinkers working to ‘their’ maximum potential.
We believe the Montessori education starts pre-birth by enlightening parent(s) and continues after birth through all the sensitive periods, therefore we offer places to children between 1 and 5 years old

Our Vision



To maintain a well-prepared environment which offers a varied range of materials for each child to explore, discover and continue to learn from. We will periodically change activities and materials to keep the mind stimulated and indorse muscle memory.


To continue working in close partnership with our dedicated stakeholders as we aspire to offer the opportunity for each child to achieve and excel within their own parameters whilst embracing diversity and upholding British values.

Follow the Child

To understand that Dr Maria Montessori’s famous quote ‘follow the child’ is the fundamental starting point to promote independent learning whilst encouraging intelligence, exploration, and imagination. This all runs alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and it is essential to collaborate these workings to track each child’s development.

Strong Foundations

Ultimately, we hope to lay the foundation for strong, independent, fair-minded and happy individuals that are going to be our future and own their rightful place in society.

Parents Testimonials

"Keylargo has been such a fantastic setting for both my boys - 2 and 4. They have both learnt so much socially, emotionally and academically and have always been cared for with respect, love and energy."
"Keylargo Montessori is absolutely wonderful. Our son Matteo loves it. It really is a home from home environment with caring staff who offer wonderful learning experiences whilst maintaining a nurturing and personal approach. "
"Our son started attending KeyLargo at 11 months and more than 2 years later, we can categorically say it has provided him with a solid foundation for life and learning."
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