Built on British Values


The fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs are already implicitly embedded in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines along with preventing children from becoming radicalised formed incorporating the Prevent duty. This all comes together in the statutory guidelines document called Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) latest update in 2020.

Below are a few examples of how these areas are promoted at Key Largo Montessori Ltd.

Our Values


  • We create a platform where children express their views and opinions this can be done during circle and reflection times
  • We demonstrate how we value their input by supporting them and giving them further knowledge on topics of interest
  • We teach children how to share activities, take ownership of their working space and compromise when working

Individual Liberty

  • We provide a range of experiences and freedom within limits; this gives a child space to explore and develop within their personal boundaries assisting in self-gratification and self-esteem
  • We support each child when they work out of their comfort zone and want to take a risk, we do this by assisting them physically or emotionally to achieve a realistic goal
  • We have many resources for children to understand emotions however, their top choice is to work with the emotions board. This helps each child recognise other people’s dispositions as well as considering their own feelings in a very individual approach

Rule of Law

  • We reflect on behaviours and feelings distinguishing right from wrong, truth and lie and the visual understanding of this
  • We discuss how wrong decisions or actions may result in unwanted outcomes
  • The children help put together the codes of practice for the Nursery this ensures their understanding and makes the rules attainable

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  • We display our codes of conduct poster which was made by the children at their level in picture format, so they have a continued reminder of the rules they created
  • The children are visually reminded of tolerant behaviours such as sharing, asking permission and being respectful
  • We provide resources and experiences which challenge gender, sexuality, culture, religious and racial stereotyping, and these are discussed in an open and safe environment
  • We teach the children to value and respect people and families that are different from themselves
  • We are an inclusive setting and allow the children an open and safe forum to discuss sensitive subjects
  • We share confidence and passion with children during discussions, we provide them with correct research or information and with this we create knowledgeable level-minded individuals
  • Where possible we celebrate all of life’s differences